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Warm Medicine Center is a modern health clinic intergrating Chinese and Western medicine.

We treat you with acupuncture & Chinese herbs. Our therapy activates the self-healing capacity.

We ensure that the body regains its natural balance and work well against many chronic complaints.

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Acupunctuur Tilburg

Warm Medicine Center is built up as the flagship clinical center for hand-on training in IWMA (International Warm Medicine Association), which is an association that promotes a personalized medicine system by integrating Western and Chinese medicine approaches to restore body warmth and life enthusiasm. In this way, a balanced immune system shall be rebuilt. This new integrative, economical and progressive medicine association is dedicated to train future medical practitioners, internationally. The concept of WMC is revolutionary for 21st century medicine, since it involves an online university for formal medicine education, affiliated hospitals/clinics for hand-on training, regular workshops, seminars and conferences to promote the warm medicine system worldwide.

Acupunctuur Tilburg

Currently, there are two types of medical systems that are widely practiced in the world: reductionism-based modern Western Medicine and holistic-based medicine systems representative with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The reductionism-based approach has been accountable for some remarkable success in western medicine over the past two centuries. But, diseases turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. The reductionism-based approach, is confronted with a challenge it could not address formerly, especially, when following the completion of the human genome project in the early 21st century and the subsequent development of high-throughput technologies. The more mutations or variations were identified, the more medical doctors and scientists got lost. How do these genes or proteins collectively interact at molecular level to cause or alter disease progress? The western Medicine is trapped in precisely analyzing and interpreting genomic, proteomic and metabolomics data and dynamically demonstrating protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions, signal pathways and their complex cross-talking.

Acupunctuur Tilburg

Unlike Western Medicine, TCM has been continuous practiced more than five thousand years. It is a holistic and drug-free way to deal with diseases. It has been tried and tested long before the inception of western medicine and it is still evolving today. However, the theories and medical terms in TCM are incomprehensive. They are easy to start, but difficult to perform and understand perfectly, which produce significant variances in treatment efficacy among clinics/doctors. Contrasting to Western medical doctors, most of the TCM practitioners don’t have nor follow standard operation procedures (SOPs).

Acupunctuur Tilburg

No matter the view of Western medicine or TCM, we are treating a same human body. Could we use just one medicine for the same body? Could we have an integrated medical system from TCM and Western Medicine by adopting their strong points while overcoming their weak points? That’s the exact point where we are starting to propose a new integrated Medicine that is called Warm Medicine (WM), which is a medical system, using various natural approaches for healing with combined comprehensive theories and reliable SOPs.

Acupunctuur Tilburg

The expression “first do no harm” is a popular term used to express the underlying ethical rules of Western medicine. Besides that, we aim to restore the life enthusiasm back to the patient by all-natural approaches (instead of chemical & surgical approaches) in activating warming up human body not only using our warm medicine treatments but also our love and passion. WM emphasizes on increasing low body temperature to its optimal homeostatic level. Life is extraordinary fragile and requires a lot of factors to sustain. These factors include but not limited to nutrients (food), oxygen, water, appropriate temperature and atmospheric pressure. An appropriate body temperature is very essential for a healthy human body. A cold body becomes more vulnerable for diseases attacks. WM uses adequate warming treatments to restore a cold body into an "ideal warm" balanced body and helps everyone to actieve happiness and health.

Our Team

Dr. Kemi Cui

Warm Medicine center is owned and operated by its Dr. Kemi Cui, O.M.D, Ph.D, Lac and Ms. Yuehong Feng.

Dr. Cui graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the top TCM universities in China. He was selectively enrolled the national unique Integrative Medicine program in mid 1990s’ and trained in both classical Western Medicine and Traditinal Chinese Medicine. Later Dr. Cui received his PhD degree in neurobiology and integrative medicine from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, one of the top medical universities in China. Additionally, Dr Cui completed his postdoctoral training in integrative medicine and systems biology in Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Boston) and The Methodist Hospital in USA. He was a faculty member (Associate Research Professor) of Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute in USA. Dr. Cui is certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in USA. Dr. Cui has a unique academic and clinical background that integrates Western medicine, Chinese medicine, systems biology and molecular science. Dr. Cui practiced more than ten years offering exclusively alternative medicine treatments for children and adults. His caring personality, talented clinical skills, and intellectual character enriched by the wisdom of integrative medicine provide him a wide-angle vision and profound insights in his practice.

Dr. Cui's patents, publications and other clinic offices (links):


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Ms. Yuehong Feng

Ms. Yuehong Feng, is born from a traditional TCM family and learned lots of TCM knowledge in her early age from her grandfather who was a famous TCM and Taoism doctor. Ms. Feng has a bachelor’s degree in business and communication management. She has been studying TCM from Shenzhou University of TCM more than six years.

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